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At ShinArt we are constantly thinking ahead of our company. We now sell our personalized shin guards in more than 60 countries and we see this number growing every week. This is why we also started the ShinArt Family.

The ShinArt Family is the most important part of our company, our heart.



What is the ShinArt Family?
As member of the ShinArt Family your are the contactperson for ShinArt in your country and/or region. Questions about orders, handeling new customers and handeling sponsorship deals with players in your country/region and much more.
Of course there is a nice commission system to make this attractive for our Family members

Would you also like to become a member of the ShinArt Family?
You can apply to become a ShinArt Family Member via this link:

Below you will find our current ShinArt Family members:

ShinArt Netherlands   ShinArt Scandinavia